Welcome to PCS International



PCS International specializes in project controls and contract administration services for engineering and construction projects. We help you manage and administer your contracts, develop and maintain realistic schedules, provide analyses to evaluate performance and risks, and asses the time impact of design changes, site conditions, construction challenges and delays.


PCS International has the ability to prepare project schedules from scratch and to improve a contractor-prepared schedule. We provide our clients with an independent and timely data necessary to make informed and strategic decisions regarding potential impacts to their project schedules.


PCS International specialists provide claims consulting services to entities involved in the construction industry. Our team acquired wide-ranging experience in the resolution of claims and disputes that arise from the design and construction of major capital projects. Whether you are an owner, program manager, contractor, or attorney, we assist you in the preparation, presentation, and evaluation of construction claims and disputes.


Additionally, PCS International experts are equipped to provide you with necessary training and support in implementing project control tools to manage your project requirements.